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Why Choose a Hot Air Balloon Ride in the Cradle of Humankind.

Posted on Wed February 14, 2024.

Discover Why the Cradle of Humankind is the Ideal Setting for an Incredible Hot Air Balloon Ride.

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7 Best things to do in Johannesburg

Posted on Sun September 10, 2023.
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Hot Air Balloon Rides through the Gorge

Posted on Mon July 10, 2023.

A few blasts of the burners had the balloons upright and ready for flight. Passengers boarded, a quick safety briefing, and a smooth take-off, had the balloons using a cool current to drift gently towards, and into the gorge. Towering rocky cliffs looming over the balloons on each side, the sound of the river rushing below, and the morning chorus of birds, creates one of the most special experiences one can have on a hot air balloon ride.

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Hot Air Balloon Rides along the Crocodile River

Posted on Wed January 4, 2023.

Hot air balloon rides along the Crocodile River provide guests with an array of amazing sightings from the hot air balloon. The abundance of wildlife and birdlife along the river, with beautiful forested areas on the banks, surrounded by rolling hills, make for a picturesque setting at every turn.

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Our three brand new Hot Air Balloons!

Posted on Thu November 17, 2022.

AirVentures Hot Air Ballooning has recently purchased three new hot air balloons from Cameron Balloons in the United Kingdom.

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