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About us

A hot air balloon flight is usually a once in a lifetime experience, and choosing the right operator to ensure that your flight meets all expectations, is an important decision.

Below, we list a number of reasons why AirVentures is well positioned to offer you a superior flight experience.

What sets us apart

The motivating force behind AirVentures, was to create a hot air ballooning company that incorporated an African "feel", and provided a quality air-borne adventure that would leave passengers with the memory of a true "African experience".

Whether it be drifting over wildlife on our Safari Flight, or taking in the breathtaking scenery on one of our Classic Flights, we add further value to your experience by employing FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) qualified pilots and staff. Their knowledge of the environment will ensure that your time spent with us is informative, as well as exciting and fun.

Award Winning Company

AirVentures Hot Air Ballooning is the proud recipient of eight tourism awards.

Our African Identity

Our primary balloon fleet was designed as a tribute to an African sunrise, with the warmth of the colour spectrum reflected in the use of reds, oranges and yellow. The intricate pattern used for the balloon "envelope" incorporates the geometric design of tribal artwork, and our baskets are woven in the traditional manner.

Khaki uniforms for ground crew and pilots, continue our safari theme, and our towing vehicles are well suited to traverse the African bush terrain. From our website, to our logo, from our flight confirmations, to our certificates, we focus on the detail that ensures we provide an experience that encompasses all that is great about Africa.

Beautiful Flying Areas

Cradle of Humankind (World Heritage Site): 

We are the only balloon operator to launch our balloons centrally within the Cradle of Humankind, and to offer a full flight experience within the 53 000 hectare world heritage site. Proclaimed a world heritage site in 1998, this protected area is predominately made up of large private game reserves, it contains 13 fossil sites, and has over one third of all hominid fossil finds in the world. With minimal human impact, this area is a true wilderness gem to fly in.


Renowned for ballooning, this picturesque area boasts a range of mountains that are almost a 100 times older than Everest , and are literally thousands of millions of years old. An area of significant South African and geological history, its vastness and beauty can only really be appreciated from the air. Like the Cape vulture that soars in the thermals around these mountains, a hot air balloon ride is un-paralleled in its ability to provide silent, 360 degree visibility.

Okavango Delta (World Heritage Site) - Botswana: 

AirVentures is the sole licensed provider of hot air balloon safaris over the Okavango Delta, operating over the remote North Western region. We provide the opportunity for you to experience the epitome of a balloon safari, drifting over one of Africa's great wilderness destinations. A unique landscape flooded with water interspersed with winding channels, dotted with islands and surprisingly large expanses of woodland forests. This age old adventure explores the Okavango Delta in a completely unique way, offering a 360 degree panoramic view from tree top level to a thousand feet in the air.

For more information visit - Okavango Balloon Safaris

Seloko Plains (Chobe Region) – Botswana

The Seloko Plains is a vast concession in the the Chobe Region. Situated 45 minutes south of the town, Kasane, the Seloko Plains are an important wildlife corridor, extending from Zimbabwe to join up with, the Chobe National Park, and the Kasane Forest Reserve. A diverse habitat with large tracts of forest which open up into wide open grassland plains, the area offers a variety of wildlife species to be viewed from the hot air balloon.

For more information visit – Chobe Balloon Safaris


AirVentures Hot Air Ballooning is a commercial air transport service that is registered with the South African Civil Aviation Authority and abides by the same strict rules and regulations set for commercial airlines - License no. G874D/N837D We use the latest and safest equipment which is maintained to the highest safety standards. Our pilots are some of the most qualified and experienced in the country, ensuring a safe and memorable flight.